Honeysuckle Joyride (2021)

Video essay in response to Bassam Issa’s show I AM ERROR.Commissioned by Gasworks London

A Paradise Out of a Common Field [excerpt] (2020)

A short animated film by Jennifer Mehigan and Bassam Issa that explores the iconography of the zombie. The origin of the zombie in general cultural history is relatively unknown, but within the confines of this film, she emerges from a lush garden an is submerged into the ocean. Playing with dream worlds that consist of feral horses and writhing flowers, horizons and image planes unfold to disorient viewers, while the audio transports you through an interpretation of the history of the Irish graveyard. Commissioned by RTE

i follow my millennial death lust wherever it takes me (2019)

Short animation and video essay by Bassam Issa and Jennifer Mehigan.

SUICIDE GIRLS: Fantasy Flesh 2.0 (2019)
A meditative merging of science fiction, essay, and memoir. Entangling depression and desire, alternate universes, dreamscapes, and a series of holes that appear in a hotel at the base of a volcano, experiences of intimacy and care increase in value as the setting continuously degrades and falls apart.

Dissecting notions of wellness, beauty, and self-care against the background of climate change and the various embodiments of crisis we face every day, Jennifer Mehigan has worked alongside Darius Ou to develop the skincare and cosmetic brand “ACHLYS”. With a primary focus on protecting and repairing the body’s moisture barrier, the speculative products promote interior and exterior healing in the age of precarity, virtual reality, and catastrophe.

Son Zept - Arrival [music video] (2019)

pussyz.club [campaign] (2018)

Directed & edited by Hugh Mulhern
3D GFX by Jennifer Mehigan
Designed by Oscar Torrans
Creative Direction by Pussyz
Art Direction by Pussyz, Cloda Farrely, Anja Maye
Shot by Mathew Rogan, Cloda Farrelly, Eilis Doherty

Eytys - Luv Crimez [campaign] (2016)

Graphics/Art Direction by Jennifer Mehigan
Video production by Kristin-Lee Moolman
Styling/Casting by Martina Almquist

Music by Sidewalks and Skeletons, a solo project by Jake Lee

Video trailer for a solo show at Shophouse 5, Singapore

EAT U UP / collision dynamics (2014)

Projection in The Substation, Singapore

digital maternity (2014)

Part of a video installation in NTU CCA Singapore

NUFLESH [study] (2013)

These video collages functioned as drafts for paintings and texts at the time. Working with the new 15 second video-loop on Instagram they examined hard and soft dynamics within CGI and 3D rendering, pornography, and content filters, and general feelings of objection/abjection around screens.

Found footage from Youtube. 

CRUSH [study] (2013)

cybersensuality 2 (2013)

cybersensuality 3 (2013)

what u need (2013)